Всемирная Организация Устойчивого Развития
Всемирная Организация Устойчивого Развития (WOD) является международной неправительственной организацией, наделенной специальным консультативным статусом при Экономическом и Социальном Совете Организации Объединенных Наций (с 2014 года), членом Глобального Договора Организации Объединенных Наций (с 2016 года). WOD был основан 23 декабря 2009 года в соответствии с принципами, провозглашенными Организацией Объединенных Наций.

Mission WOD

Mission of the World Organization for Development

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Mission of the World Organization for Development

To endorse achieving sustainable development in the world in accordance to the UN SDG till 2030:

• Encourage and promote initiatives and projects implemented by the United Nations to achieve the SDG;
• Provide objective information about the economic, social and political situation in various states and their regions that are directly or indirectly affect the achievement of sustainable development on their territories;
• To contribute to economic prosperity of developed and developing countries, paying special attention to developing and promoting states’ and regions’ investment opportunities on the international arena;
• Strengthen civil society to help their state government in achieving the UN SDG.


The objectives of the World Organization for Development:

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• Provide a fair assessment of the economy and investment attractiveness of the developed and developing states and its regions on the basis of independent analytical research;
• To interact with world′s leading media publications and provide them with independent data about the state of economy and investment attractiveness of a country, a region or an industry in order to create a positive investment image and investment climate to attract and increase foreign direct investment;
• Demonstrate current states’ and regions’ opportunities on the international arena, including the United Nations;
• Award with a special prize: private and public companies, states and its regions, investors and manufacturers, –  who make a significant contribution to the implementation of  the UN SDG on their territories.

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