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From the Field: Outreach across the Horn of Africa


A view of the Karashal Internally Displaced People’s camp in Sool region, in a photo taken on 5 June 2022

In July, a UN human rights officer embarked on an outreach visit to the Horn of Africa’s Sool and Sanaag regions, a seven-day round-trip of more than 1,600 kilometres by road.

From the Field: Outreach across the Horn of Africa

UNSOM Human Rights Officer, Sia Mawalla (left), and leader of a visiting UN team, poses for a photo with a civil society representative in Ceerigaabo, Sanaag region, by UN Photo / Ali Bakka

The region is home to some 600,000 people, many of whom the UN tries to support as they face challenges ranging from inter-clan conflict to gender-based violence and human rights violations. 
Travelling such long distances is all part of the regular work of human rights staff and other UN officials in their efforts to meet those in need.
The recent trip involved discussions with local government officials, civil society groups and human rights activists, with the latter calling for stronger press freedom, modern facilities for law enforcement agencies to better serve local residents, and improvements to camps for internally displaced people.

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Security for UN teams on such outreach missions is a major consideration, as is navigating long stretches of roads of varying quality and avoiding wildlife – especially herds of camels

Find out more about the road trip, and how the UN is helping vulnerable people in the Horn of Africa here.

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