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The World Organization for Development has been endowed with consultative status with the UN ECOSOC since 2014. The World Organization for Development, which has consultative status wich the UN ECOSOC, develops and implements Global Initiatives to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Award for Sustainable Development

Global Award for Sustainable Development

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UN General Assembly 2 Committee Angels Awards 2015 presentation


Global Award for Sustainable Development is a part of the Global Governors Event Space, the Global Initiative for Sustainable Development of Territorial Entities, is one of the main Instruments stimulating the innovative, technological, economic, and social development of Territorial Entities. Increases the openness and social responsibility of both Governors and Governors teams, as well as Business, in order to effectively interact with Governors and Governor’s teams with Business, sustainable development of Territorial Entities, improve the investment, technological and innovative climate, and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Every year in the world are held hundreds of international awards. Previously, there were no Global Awards that would focus on stimulating the sustainable development of Territorial Entities in different countries of the world and the interaction of Governors and Governor’s teams with Business.

Territorial Entities are the fundamental basis for the sustainable development of States. The stability and prosperity of the nations largely depend on the effectiveness of the work of the Governors and Governors teams. The innovative nature of the Award is to stimulate the development of Territorial Entities, identify and demonstrate best world practices in the development of Territorial Entities, awarding Governors and Governors teams for the best world experience and achievements in various areas of territorial development, and awarding international corporations and national companies for significant contribution to development Territorial Entities.

The nominees and laureates of the Global Award for Sustainable Development are the Governors, Heads, and regional leaders of top-level Territorial Entities in various countries of the world, Governor’s teams and individual members of Governor’s teams, leaders of innovative, high-tech, industrial corporations and companies, investment banks, funds and other active participants process of sustainable development of Territorial Entities and States.
The results of the Global Award for Sustainable Development are calculated on the basis of official data and statistics of the UN bodies and international organizations of the UN system – the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, UNCTAD, ECOSOC, as well as the Analytical Research Center and the Statistics Committee of the Global Initiative for Territorial Entities.
Between 2009 and 2019, rules were developed for holding and participating in the Global Award for Sustainable Development, including on the basis of the World Investment Award “Investment Angel”, which is part of the Global Award for Sustainable Development and was established in 2010.

In October 2015, the Global Award was presented to the United Nations at the meeting of the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly, as a tool to stimulate the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Global Award for Sustainable Development can be held both within the framework of the World Forum of Territorial Entities and in the form of Online Awards in an innovative format.


UN SDG Good Practices:

“Angel for Sustainable Development” Global Awards  #SDGAction10645


SDG Good Practices


Description/achievement of initiative


To stimulate efforts and attract a wider number of qualified actors to participate in the global process of achieving the newly-created sustainable development goals (SDGs), the World Organization for Development (WOD) will offer a series of global awards called “Angel for Sustainable Development”. These awards will celebrate winners in seven categories that correlate with 11 SDG. Award ceremonies will be held in cooperation with and under the auspices of UN bodies responsible for implementing the SDGs.

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Implementation methodologies


The “Angel for Sustainable Development” award series will take place on a yearly basis, so seven different ceremonies will be held throughout the year. Due to the universal nature of the SDGs, the award ceremonies will be held in different countries throughout the world. Subcategories of the global Award “Angel for Sustainable Development” are as follows:

1. Award “Investment Angel”

2. Award “Innovation Angel”

3. Award “Environment Angel”

4. Award “Technological Angel”

5. Award “Angel for Global Prosperity”

6. Award “Empowering Women Angel”

7. Award “Angel for World’s Peace”

During the preparation phase, WOD-Research, an independent macroeconomic analytical agency, will gather all official UN statistics and other data available, and processes all the information on the latest state of the implementation of the SDGs around the globe. At the same time, the WOD PR team will attract as much attention as possible to the SDGs implementation, and encourage representatives of civil society, the business sector to participate in the determination of the award winners. The main criteria to select the location where the ceremonies will take place is their potential to bring together representatives from the host country’s government, business, and NGOs working (or interested in becoming involved) with UN bodies. The format of the ceremonies may change, but they will always be featured in the world’s leading media sources.


Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer


Technology transfer and capacity building will be a vital part of the project. During the preparation, implementation, and post-support stages of the award ceremonies, detailed examinations of successful executions of SDG projects throughout the world will be conducted in cooperation with the UN bodies. The full analytical research will be presented in a form of “practical guidelines” that describe best practices and how they can be applied to replicate the work in other areas of our planet. Also, all actors involved in successful SDG projects will be widely publicized and best practices and other resources will be transferred by visual demonstration for an international audience.


Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


The President of the World Organization for Development, Robert Gubernatorov, will be personally overlooking and organizing the nominating committees. UN official statistical data and UN representatives’ opinions will be used as a starting point to determine the award winners. Also, an independent macroeconomic analytical agency, WOD-Research, will play a crucial role in obtaining data to select the nominees. Note* World Organization for Development is a new name of the World Organization of Creditors (since 2009)


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