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The World Organization for Development has been endowed with consultative status with the UN ECOSOC since 2014. The World Organization for Development, which has consultative status wich the UN ECOSOC, develops and implements Global Initiatives to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The international award ‘Investment Angel’

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The official ceremony of the International Award “Investment Angel” will be held on November 30, 2015, in Moscow at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

The organizer of the Award – World Organization for Development, based on the results of The Agency for Strategic Initiatives and on the results of its own analytical department will reward the leaders of the most attractive investments subjects of the Russian Federation and the most active foreign investors.

The underlying objective of the award is to build up a real picture of the Private Equity Market in the World Economic Area as a whole and at the level of inter-state partnerships in particular.

World Organization for Development regularly holds the “Investment Angel” Award in different countries. The Award is recognized by the international community and supported by the government authorities of states where it takes place as well as by civil society and business sections.


  • For the contribution to the Russian Federation’s economic development 3 Awards

  • Socially-orientated investor of the year 3 Awards

  • Technological Investor of the year 3 Awards

  • Investor of the year 3 Awards

  • The most investment efficient subjects of the Russian Federation 2 Awards

  • For contribution to the investment climate improvement in Russian Federation 2 Awards

  • The subject of the Russian Federation with the best support system for small business 1 Award

  • The subject of the Russian Federation with the best infrastructure and resources 1 Award

  • The subject of the Russian Federation with the most favourable investment climate 1 Award

  • For administrative support to foreign companies in Russia 1 Award

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For media: Objective reporting on economic states of affairs 2 Awards

Thus it is crucially important to look at subjects of investment process activity in the context of overcoming the consequences of recent year’s world financial downturn and to subsequently analyze the undertaken state investment regulation actions to guarantee a favourable investment climate and legal protection to market participants.


World Organization for Development International Non-governmental Organization, holds consultative status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations. Founded in 2009 according to the principles and ideas proclaimed by the United Nations, WOC leads its activities on the territories of developing and developed countries, as well as in Russia, CIS countries and the BRICS.


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